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Do you know that too? 

Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

  • Are you looking for a project management tool that contains all the features like time, resource and cost planning, is easy to learn and does not cost much?
  • ​A tool which let you save an enormous amount of costs and time during your projects?
  • A software that you do not have to pay monthly for but still can do everything to successfully complete a project?
  • A software that delivers documents automatically for which you usually need hours of work when done manually? 

I felt like that! When I was faced with the challenge of managing a large project some years ago, but did not have a suitable tool for it and my employer did not release the budget for an expensive project management suite, I had to find a solution. And since there was nothing on the market that could represent what I needed at a reasonable price, we developed our own project management software.

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