Welcome to BlueProjectHero Project Management

Welcome to BlueProjectHero.com!

Do you know that too? 

Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

  • Are you looking for a project management tool that contains all the features like time, resource and cost planning, is easy to learn and does not cost much?
  • ​A tool which let you save an enormous amount of costs and time during your projects?
  • A software that you do not have to pay monthly for but still can do everything to successfully complete a project?
  • A software that delivers documents automatically for which you usually need hours of work when done manually? 

I felt like that! When I was faced with the challenge of managing a large project some years ago, but did not have a suitable tool for it and my employer did not release the budget for an expensive project management suite, I had to find a solution. And since there was nothing on the market that could represent what I needed at a reasonable price, we developed our own project management software.


Welcome to BlueProjectHero Software!

My name is Markus and I am a certified PMI PMP ​Project Manager (Project Management Professional at Project Management Institute) with more than 15 years in project management experience. In addition I am holding a PhD degree in economics and business administration and a Masters degree in ​Computer Science.

My team and I created this site in 2016 to help ​project managers (and companies) ​while introducing you the most efficient project management software on earth called BlueProjectHero​ :-).

​Several years ago I was looking for a project management ​tool which ​​could address all the needs I had - time, cost and resource management fully integrated with an automatically generated project handbook and finally for an affordable price. Having not a tool which allowed me to control my projects led to a lot of extra hours in the evening at work where I couldn't see my family (we have two kids so I wanted to be at home). 

As such kind of software was not available ​on the market I decided to let my team develop our own software called BlueProjectHero. My family thanked me to see me much more often after I had BlueProjectHero for steering my projects - schedule and cost budgets are under control and I can get home earlier from work (with having a good sleep at night not worrying about losing project control).

I knew about project management well. I am a certified project manager (PMI PMP) and knew the methods of modern project management. I just did not want to do it manually with multiple forms and tools, but I was looking for an integrated solution that helped me with project planning and implementation.

Most of the time, however, there was always some functionality missing with existing tools:

  • I can schedule project duration and start and finish times for individual tasks, but there is no cost planning available!
  • I am able to plan costs and personnel effort, but not at the level of individual activities!
  • I can plan a lot, but at a monthly subscription rate who even exceeds the project budget!
  • I need to do complex server installations to be able to use the tool!
  • I can plan a lot, but I must accept advertising (for free software)!

So what should I do? 

Tell my employer that the project is too complex to complete it in a timely and cost-effective manner? Pressing him to buy an expensive tool? None of that seemed professional. So I started looking for a development team that helped me develop "my own" tool.

Of course, the effort was great, especially in determining the requirements of the solution. It should basically meet my needs and if possible it should serve others too. After the definition of the requirements and the following development and test phase.

BlueProjectHero was born

Read the blog to get news about the tool (e.g. new functions) or about developments in project management in general. Take the time and take a look at the modules and features of BlueProjectHero (click here). 

I'm sure it will impress you!

And if you have any suggestions for new features, please let us know!

The software is designed to support you wherever you want to manage projects!

All the best, Your BlueProjectHero Team!

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